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K-BTS-S® Truck Scales are designed and manufactured to deliver what you expect from a Truck Scale — quality, accuracy and dependability. For dependable and accurate weighing, don’t settle for anything less.


Steel Desk Truck Scale K-BTS-S

In-pit or pitless foundation.

Top access to load cells and junction box.

Junction box(es) appropriate for number of load cells utilized.

Truck Scales for Any Application.

The K-BTS-S® Series truck scale is an outstanding design that incorporates the most advanced engineering and production technology to manufacture the highest quality vehicle weighing system in the marketplace.
Weigh-bridge structure

The weighbridge on the K-BTS-S® steel deck model consists of a diamond checkered steel top plate welded on top of twelve 30cm wide-flange, structural I-beams.
The wide flange beam construction helps minimize span deflection and lengthens the life of your truck scale.
The beams are positioned longitudinally with the traffic flow, a design based on interstate bridge designs intended to last 100 years.
With our longitudinal design, each tire is fully supported by the top plate and a wide flange beam below, eliminating the longitudinal ruts associated with competitive designs that utilize structural shapes instead of heavy bridge iron.
In addition, a steel deck weighs less, which makes it easier to move or relocate if necessary.

Steel bridged scale
The bridge is structured of welded painted steel which is delivered ready for use to the site of installation.

Advantages of the steel bridged structure:
– fast site installation, commissioning (1-2 days).
– easy-to-move (1 day).
– it can be delivered to the site in a completely ready condition.

Disadvantages of the steel bridged structure:
– in the long term large surfaces require corrosion protection.
– load capacity of the bridge is not homogeneous throughout the entire bridge surface, only directed (longitudinal) traffic is allowed (this disadvantage is shown in the case of flush-mounted installation).

Size of weigh-bridge, weighing limit
Length and weighing limit usually relate to each other

 Most frequently we deliver weigh-bridges of 4 or 6 metres long with a weighing limit of 15-30 tons to weigh single cars.
 The most frequently used scales to weigh trucks are 18 metres in length with a weighing limit of 40-80 tons.
 There are truck scales constructed with weigh-bridges of 20 metres manufactured on special request.
 The scale width is usually 3 metres; the recommended bridge length is the distance between the first and last axes of the vehicle to be weighed + 1 metre.

Delivery conditions

 The delivery term of the scale is usually 4-6 weeks, the time necessary for the construction of the concrete foundation.
 The scale is one of the products in the lower-cost weighbridge category, as it is lighter thanks to the optimized quantity of steel. It is not recommended for places where platform overload cannot be rules out (e.g. mines, gravel-pits, concreting stations, short vehicles of big mass, etc.).
 For sites where a more massive and durable weighbridge is needed, we can offer weighbridges of an appropriate construction to meet customer requirements, typically for a surcharge of around 10%.

Truck Scales K-BTS-C/S/O
Truck Scales K-BTS-C/S/O



Technical Data

Engineering Specification


Platform Height (mm)

200 / 300 / 400

Load cells

MK-LU-D 30t / BTA-D 30t / VLC121-D 30t / Option.

Weight Indicator

MK-Di01 / DS1M / D10M / Option


Epoxyde polyester

Certification of Load cells


Material of Load cells

Alloy Steel





3x6m, Max CAP 40 Ton, Steel Desk


3x12m, Max CAP 60 Ton, Steel Desk


3x18m,Max CAP 80 Ton, Steel Desk


3x6m, Max CAP 40 Ton, Concrete Desk


3x12m, Max CAP 60 Ton, Concrete Desk


3x18m, Max CAP 80 Ton, Concrete Desk

Steel Desk Truck Scale TRẠM CÂN XE KL-00-80 TẤN 18M KTS I300 – Phụ lục

Kala Weight System 

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Additional information

Brands/Trade Mark

Certification Original C/O


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