Products Warranty

1. Guarantees for products and service:

You may be covered by the KWS when you buy products or service (items/service usually for personal or warehold use) but find they:

1.1. Don’t work.

1.2. Break too easily.

1.3. Don’t do what you expected them (Person of KWS) to do.

The KWS applies to new or second-hand goods supplied by KWS.

2. Your rights when buying products:

Both new and second-hand consumer products must meet the guarantees of:

2.1. Acceptable quality.

2.2. Fit for a particular purpose.

2.3. Match description, sample or demonstration model.

2.4. Reasonable price.

2.5. Right to sell the products.

2.6. Products arrive on time and in good condition.

2.7. Spare parts and repair facilities available.

2.8. Manufacturer’s guarantee/warranty.

Kala Weight System 

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