Processing of Delivery

1. Delivery Period

  • All delivery periods specified by Kala Scale are approximate. Kala Scale shall not be liable for any delay in delivery caused by any labour dispute, embargo, war, damage to factory or governmental law or regulation, inability to obtain labour or material, acts of God or other cause beyond Kala Scale’s reasonable control affecting Kala Scale, its suppliers or shippers. In the event the agreement between Kala Scale and Purchaser provides that Kala Scale shall deliver its products in instalments, a delay in delivery of any of the products shall not entitle Purchaser to cancel the agreement or the delivery of the remaining products.
  • If delivery or partial delivery of the products is deferred at Purchaser’s request, payment of the entire purchase price for the products shall be due and payable after notice from Kala Scale that the products are ready for shipment. The risk of loss shall pass to Purchaser upon receipt of notice from Kala Scale that the products are ready. Reasonable storage costs shall then be paid by Purchaser.
  • The delivery date as stated by the Kala Scale offer or quotation, is binding once Kala Scale receives a purchase written order clarifying all technical details such as correct product designation, capacity and accuracy grade. Although Kala Scale delivery dates are considered to be realistic and as such we have every confidence in meeting them, penalty clauses in event of late deliveries will not be accepted either in whole or in part.

2. Shipments

  • Kala Scale’s responsibility ceases with the delivery of products in good order to transportation companies.
  • Delivery is not guaranteed at or to the destination.
  • Claims for shortages, damage or loss in transit must be made by Purchaser against the carrier.
  • In the absence of definite shipping instructions Kala Scale reserves the right to ship the products, upon completion, by any public carrier which we deem satisfactory.


Kala Weight System 

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