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K-BTS-C® Truck Scales are designed and manufactured to deliver what you expect from a Truck Scale — quality, accuracy and dependability. For dependable and accurate weighing, don’t settle for anything less.


Concrete Desk Truck Scale K-BTS-C

In-pit or pitless foundation.

Top access to load cells and junction box.

Junction box(es) appropriate for number of load cells utilized.

Truck Scales for Any Application.

The K-BTS-C® Series truck scale is an outstanding design that incorporates the most advanced engineering and production technology to manufacture the highest quality vehicle weighing system in the marketplace.

Weigh-bridge structure

The concrete deck design incorporates galvanized steel sheets working in conjunction with I-beams to ensure that concrete remains above the neutral axis of the weighbridge.

Concrete functions best when it remains above the neutral axis in a compression application.

Flexing from tension loading can damage any concrete that extends below the neutral axis.

The eventual cracks caused by this flexing would lead to deterioration of the deck and eventual scale failure.

Concrete bridged balance
Frame of the bridge structure is delivered to the site welded and painted and it serves as moulds for casting of concrete. Anchoring and concrete works of the bridge structure are to be finished at the site of installation.

Advantages of the concrete bridged structure:
– in the longer term corrosion protection is significantly cheaper
– homogeneous load capacity throughout the entire bridge surface, no traffic direction is needed.
– protection of weighing cells against dynamic load is better (due to heavier bare weight of the bridge)
– lower selling costs

Disadvantages of concrete bridged structure:
– moving is more expensive
– installation is weather dependent (due to concrete works at the site)
– the entire construction time is about 10 days longer (compared to the steel bridged solution)

Truck Scales K-BTS-C/S/O
Truck Scales K-BTS-C/S/O



Technical Data

Engineering Specification


Platform Height (mm)

200 / 300 / 400

Load cells

MK-LU-D 30t / BTA-D 30t / VLC121-D 30t / Option.

Weight Indicator

MK-Di01 / DS1M / D10M / Option


Epoxyde polyester

Certification of Load cells


Material of Load cells

Alloy Steel





3x6m, Max CAP 40 Ton, Steel Desk


3x12m, Max CAP 60 Ton, Steel Desk


3x18m,Max CAP 80 Ton, Steel Desk


3x6m, Max CAP 40 Ton, Concrete Desk


3x12m, Max CAP 60 Ton, Concrete Desk


3x18m, Max CAP 80 Ton, Concrete Desk

Kala Weight System 

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Additional information

Brands/Trade Mark

Certification Original C/O


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