Remote Displays DPM

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Remote Displays DPM from Keli, auxiliary display for weighing device by viewing weighing result from long distance.
Auxiliary display for weighing system by connecting with matching output format.
Weighing indicator should be equipped with corresponding communication interface to connect with scoreboard.


Remote Displays Keli DPM

Remote Displays DPM is add-on device of indication intended for doubling of weight readings. Generally, it is used in weighing construction and other fields of industry. Housing is metal; it may be connected through interface RS232 or by current loop mode.

Technical Data

Display 6 sections, LED red.

Symbols height 75 mm with DPM-3, 127mm with DPM-5.

Baud rate 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600bps.

Power consumption 10 W.

Connection mode RS232, current loop 20mА.

In a set Connection cable – 10m.

 Current loop 20mА: Keli (K8A, D2008FA), Yaohua (A9, D10, DS1, DS3), MKCells (MK-Di01, D2002E).

RS232 support 5 Fun:

Fun0: default (Keli/Yaohua).



Fun3: R320, R420, A9, K8A, D10, DS1

Fun4: BSWI, M18SS (DIGI28SS), D2+, …

Fun5: VT200, …

Operating temperature: 0-40℃.

Operating humidity: ≤ 85%RH.


Remote displays 3 inches DPM-3  500x160x60 mm.

 Remote displays 5 inches DPM-5  750x240x63 mm.

Pin Connect

Mô tả chân đấu nối Remote Displays DPM với Weight Indicator
Remote Displays DPM jack connect Weight Indicator

Current loop 20mА: Pin 1 and Pin 4: Shorted; Pin 2: RXD; Pin 5: GND.

RS232: Pin 1 and Pin 4: Opened; Pin 3: RXD; Pin 5: GND.

Keli DPM Pin Connect
Keli DPM Pin Connect

Kala Weight System 

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Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions56.5 × 22.5 × 12.5 cm
Brands/Trade Mark

Certification Original C/O


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