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The universal weight transfer controller XK3102-B1 is a transmission display controller for industrial control. It integrates weight display, analog signal output, Modbus-RTU communication, large screen communication, digital input and relay output. High-speed 24 -bit Σ -Δ A/D converter, 16 -bit D/A converter, all interfaces are optically isolated. Fully consider the complexity of electromagnetic interference in industrial sites, carefully design software and hardware, suitable for industrial field applications such as building materials, chemicals, food, metallurgy.


Universal weight transfer controller XK3102-B1

XK3102-B1 with designed 4 Relay output mode can be set: sorting, setting, quantification, decrement, batching, sorting, peak and other modes.

Built-in anti- EMC interference circuit, strong anti-electromagnetic interference capability, stable data, suitable for industrial field applications.

XK3102-B1 have three calibration methods: weight calibration, calibration parameter modification, sensitivity input calibration (free weight calibration).

RS232 or RS485 on XK3102-B can be selected to support Modbus-RTU communication multi-word continuous reading and writing function.

Can set the analog output type: 0 ~ 20mA , 4 ~ 20mA , 0 ~ 5V or 0 ~ 10V .

Application: Batching Weighing Scales, Bagging Scales, Automatic Weighing Scales, … .

Technical Parameters

Protection function of over load and short circuit in excitation loop for load cell.

High precision, high resolution Σ-△ mode A/D converter, maximum A/D pulse 1,000,000.

Updating rate: 6.25 times/second, 12.5 times/second, 25 times/second, 50 times/second.

Number of its division: 1000 ~ 10,000.

Division value range: 0.001 ~ 50.

Two-point (off) relay output. Mode of output can be set: weight selective mode and value-fixed mode.

Isolated digital communication interface, RS232 or RS485 can be selected.

7 bits of LED digital tube display, height of word is 0.56 inch

20 segments of light pole display.

Loading capacity

Excitation voltage: 5.0 VDC, connect 8pcs of 350Ω analog load cells.

Signal range: 1.5 ~ 40mV.

Zero signal range: -40~38.5mV.

Analog current output: Max 500Ω.

Analog voltage output: Min 10 KΩ.

Touched – point capacity of relay: AC 7A/250V, DC 12A/120V.


Full scale temperature coefficient: 5PPM/℃.

Zero temperature drift: 0.06 uV/℃.

Max. Sensitivity: 0.6uV/d.

Non-Linearity: ≤0.01%FS.

Drift of analog output (0mA or 4mA): 50PPM/℃

Power supply

Voltage range of weighing transducer is AC 187 ~ 242V, frequency is 49~51Hz, maximum power consumption is 6 watt.

Good ground wire is necessary, and it cannot share power supply with electrical equipments, for example, relay or heater which easily causes noise.

Temperature and Humidity

Working temperature: -20℃∼50℃, humidity 10%∼95%, no condensation.

Saving temperature: -30℃∼60℃,humidity 10%∼95%,no condensation.

Outline dimension (unit: mm)
Kích thước lắp đặt Weight Indicator Controller XK3102-B1
Kích thước lắp đặt Weight Indicator Controller XK3102-B1

Tài liệu tham khảo thêm (Hướng dẫn sử dụng & Hiệu chuẩn – Tiếng Anh)  XK3102 Weight Transmitter Controller Manual

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