Load cell VLC-110

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Load cells  “S” type VLC-110 / VLC-110S from VMC (Virtual Measurements & Control) (USA), is suitable for many applications where a tension and compression load cell is required, for high accuracy measurements. The tension sensor is available for applications such as vessel weighing, material test machines, crane scale and hopper scale.


Load Cells chữ “S” VLC-110 / VLC-110S

VLC-110 / VLC-110S S type load cell is applied with “S” appearance, high accuracy, good stability and made of best alloy steel. S-type load cells are mainly used to measure tensile forces, but also are suitable for compressive force measurement. Our S beam load cell is suitable for hopper scale, crane scale, hock balance, burden balance, building machinery fields and so on.

VLC-110 / VLC-110S was applied in: Mechanical scale conversion, Tension / compression measurementTank, bin and hopper weighing, Truck scale conversion.

STANDARD CAPACITY of VLC-110/VLC-110S: 50lb, 100lb, 150lb, 250lb, 500lb, 750lb, 1Klb, 2Klb, 3Klb, 5Klb, 10Klb, 15Klb, 20Klb.

 VLC-110/VLC-110S: Alloy steel construction with nickel plated treatment.

Cable length: 20Ft.

Cable color(4 core): 


Specification VLC-110

Accuracy Class


Max.number of load cell intervals


Ratio of min. LC verification interval


Rated Output

(mV/V)2.95 ~ 3.05 ± 0.25%







30mins Creep


Temperature Effect On Output


Temperature Effect On Zero


Input Impedance

(Ω)385 ± 15

Output Impedance

(Ω)350 ± 3

Insulation Impedance

(MΩ)≥2000 (50VDC)

Total error

(%FS)C2. 0.05

Zero range


Temperature service range

(°C)-10 ~ +40

Operating temperature rated range

(°C)-35 ~ +70

Recommended Excitation

(V)5 ~ 12 (DC)

Maximum Excitation

(V)18 (DC)

Safe Overload


Ultimate Overload


Protection Class



Steel Alloy(VLC-110) / Stainless steel (VLC-110S)

Dimension (inch)

Kích thước lắp đặt Loadell chữ "Z" VLC-110/VLC-110S
Kích thước lắp đặt Loadell chữ “Z” VLC-110 / VLC-110S

  VMC_VLC-110/110S ‘S’ Type Load Cell Datasheet Document

Kala Weight System 

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