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MK-Di01 is digital weight indicator, a product of Keli with brand MKCells, AMCells, SNK. Application in weighing system of vehicle, rail weight scales, Silo scales. Standard Protocol connection Digital Load cell C, E, K type.


Digital Weight Indicator MKCells MK-Di01

MK-Di01 – digital weighing indicator is an improved version of device D2008(09FA) and similar to D2008(H) indicator under software.

Supports adjustable function of locking and protocol of load cells connection, it has secure connectors of load cells (including static electricity protection).

Functional capabilities:

 Built-in DC charger, safely isolated accumulator.
 High-speed memory delivers from problems of data level storage.
 Function of auto preparation to printing.
 Transmission encryption protocol (type Е and type К), improved algorithm of anti-phiching.
 Support of general communication protocols (type Е, type К, type С).
 Availability of function of auto angle correction, mass index, axial displacement and input coefficients without necessity of external data processing.
 Support of protocol Modbus and eight types of standard PC-protocols.
 Support internal data encryption (common for 08-series of indicators) and encryption under standards JMQ01, JMQ03.


 MK-Di01 is electronic weighing indicator for weighing system of vehicle, rail weight scales, Silo scales.


Connect Load cell port on MK-Di01
Connect Load cell port on MK-Di01


Nút cho phép vào hiệu chuẩn đầu cân MK-Di01
Calibration Button on MK-Di01


Engineering data

Accuracy class:III class, n=3000
Error partition coefficient:pi = 0.5
Scale interval:optional 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100
Digital load cell connector:RS485, channel length can be 75m with connection of 12 pcs of digital load cells
Baud rate:9600, 19200 bit/s
Digital load cell power supply:DC 12V/750mA
Connecting load cells quantity:1 ~ 16 DC 12V/750mA
Digital load cell communication protocol:Keli С protocol, С type protocol to order, Е type protocol, Е type protocol and К type protocol to order
Display:7 bit 0.8 inch LED, 7 status indicant
Screen port of indicator display:20mA serial output of current loop, data transfer rate – 600, maximum transmission distance <=100 m
Serial communication port:standard, RS232, optional data transfer rate 600 ~ 19200
Printer port:With standard parallel printing port, can be connected printers ESPON LQ-300K + II, ESPON LQ-300K, ESPON LQ-680K, ESPON LQ-730K, ESPON LQ-1600K (+), KX-P1131, KX-P 1121, DS-300, as well as SPRT POS58IV, Zonerich AB- 300
Data storage:Can store 1000 groups of vehicle tare weights, 1500 groups of updated weighing records, 300 groups of updated pending weighing records
Indicator power supply:Main power supply is AC 110-220V,50Hz
Additional auxiliary power supply:DC 12V/7Ah maintenance-free accumulator (free recharging)
Dimension:340 х 120 х 230 mm
Weight:about 3.6 kg

.   MKCells_MK-Di01 Digital Weight Indicator Manual

Video Weight Indicator MK-Di01

Video DATA Calibrate on MK-Di01

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