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The JXH signal or excitation trim junction box sums two or four single load cell inputs.
Fit for 4-wire load cells.
Easy installation.
Stainless steel housing.

Brand: Zemic, Yaohua, AmCells


Junction Box JXH-4/6/8

JB-SS series JXH junction box sums two or four, … single load cell inputs. The stainless steel enclosure is optimal protection against harsh environments and abrasive materials. The JXH junction box is ideal for use in tank and hopper scale applications.

Stainless steel 304 (1.4301) housing with super reliability.

Conformal coated circuit board.

Plastic cable glands PG9.

4-wire load cell connection, 4-wire output connection.

High resolution potentiometer.

Cable glands for cable diameter 5 to 6.2 fit for 0.6mV/V up to 3 mV/V load cells.

 CE approved with high stability.

 Terminals (ground wire included) and suitable for various types of load cell.

 The construction with bi-ball-head has advantage in capacity of automatic centre-adjustment.

 TVS Surge protection Device for excitation trim

Waterproof with grade up to IP-66.

Screw-clamp terminals.

Dimension: 160x160x52 (mm).


Floor, tank, hopper scales, truck scales.

Application JXH


Junction Boxes loại chỉnh Tín hiệu và Nguồn
Junction Box JXH (Sig Trim) vs Junction Box JXH (Ex Trim)


Load cell output resistance range340 to 1100
Load cell input resistance range340 to 1100
Excitation, recommended voltageV (AC&DC)5 to 15
Excitation, maximumV (AC&DC)20
Load cell sensitivity rangemV/V0.6 ~ 3
Cable Ømm5 ~ 6.2
Correction methodSignal or Excitation Trim
Trimming range20 (±10)
Temperature range, operating°C-40 ~ +85
Ingress protection IP66
Housing connected to shield Yes
External grounding No

  Junction Box JXH-4/6/8-S Manual

Junction Box JXH-4/6/8-S Datasheet

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