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Weight Indicator in DIN case, dimensions 48 x 96 x 130 mm. IP54 front panel protection. Four-key membrane keyboard. Eight indicator led. Real time clock/calendar.

Product of Laumas Elettronica (Italia)


Weight Indicator W100 / W100ANA

 Weight Indicator W100/W100ANA in DIN case, dimensions 48 x 96 x 130 mm. IP54 front panel protection. Four-key membrane keyboard. Eight indicator led. Real time clock/calendar. Product of Laumas Elettronica (Italia).

W100: Basic series.

W100ANA: weight indicator with Analog Output.

6-digit semi-alphanumeric red LED display (14 mm height).

8 signalling LED.

 4-key membrane keyboard.

IP54 front panel protection rating (IP65 front optional).

Real-time clock/calendar with buffer battery.

Extractable screw terminal blocks.


Connections to:

PLC via analog output (on request);
PC/PLC via RS485/RS232 (up to 99 instruments with line
repeaters, up to 32 without line repeaters);

 Remote display and printer via RS485/RS232;
 Up to 8 load cells in parallel by junction box;
Intelligent junction box or other multichannel instruments: allow the use of advanced functions as digital equalization, load distribution analysis and automatic diagnostics.

Digital filter to reduce the effects of weight oscillation.

Theoretical calibration (via keyboard) and real calibration (with sample weights and the possibility of weight linearization up to 5 points).

Tare weight zero setting.

Automatic zero setting at power-on.

Gross weight zero tracking.

Semi-automatic tare (net/gross weight) and preset tare.

Semi-automatic zero.

Direct connection between RS485 and RS232 without converter.

Hysteresis and setpoint value setting.

Weight value printing with date and time via keyboard or external contact.

The indicator W100 can be used as a remote display with setpoint.


RS485/RS232 serial ports for communication via protocols ModBus RTU, ASCII Laumas bidirectional or continuous one way transmission.

5 relay outputs controlled by the setpoint values or via protocols (4 outputs if analog output is present).

3 optoisolated PNP digital inputs: status reading via serial communication protocols (2 inputs if analog output is present).

1 load cell dedicated input.

Current or voltage 16 bit optoisolated analog output (option on request).

12 groups selection by 5 setpoint via external selector switch or contact (option on request).


Power supply and consumption12÷24 VDC ±10%; 5 W
Number of load cells • Load cells supplyup to 8 (350 Ω) – 4/6 wires • 5 VDC/120 mA
Linearity • Analog output linearity<0.01% full scale • <0.01% full scale
Thermal drift • Analog output thermal drift<0.0005% full scale/°C • <0.003% full scale/°C
A/D Converter24 bits (16000000 points) – 4.8 kHz
Divisions (with measurement range ±10 mV and sensitivity 2 mV/V)±999999 • 0,01 μV/d
Measurement range±39 mV
Usable load cells sensitivity±7 mV/V
Conversions per second300/s
Display range±999999
Decimals • Display increments0÷4 • x1 x2 x5 x10 x20 x50 x100
Digital filter • Readings per second10 levels • 5÷300 Hz
Relay outputs5/4 – max 115 VAC/150 mA
Optoisolated digital inputs3/2 – 5÷24 VDC PNP
Serial portsRS485, RS232
Baud rate2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 115200 (bit/s)
Optoisolated analog output (option on request) (Model : W100ANA)0÷10 V; 0÷5 V; ±10 V; ±5 V (min 10 kΩ)
Humidity (condensate free)85%
Storage temperature-30 °C ~ +80 °C
Working temperature-20 °C ~ +60 °C
LAUMAS W100 1Relay outputs5/4 – max 30 VAC, 60 VDC/150 mA
Working temperature-20 °C ~ +50 °C
Power supply device marked “LPS” (limited power source) or “Class 2”
Applied standards2014/31/UE – EN45501:2015 – OIML R76:2006
Operation modessingle interval, multi-interval, multiple range
Accuracy classIII or IV
Maximum number of scale verification divisions10000 (class III); 1000 (class IV)
Minimum input signal for scale verification division0.2 μV/VSI
Working temperature-10 °C  ~ +40 °C


LAUMAS W100 2OIML R76:2006, class III, 3×10000 divisions, 0.2 μV/VSI / OIML R61 – WELMEC Guide 8.8:2011 (MID)


LAUMAS W100 3Initial verification in combination with Laumas weighing module
Support for metric label (dimensions: 124x77x1.5 mm)
LAUMAS W100 4UL Recognized component – Complies with the United States and Canada standards
LAUMAS W100 5Complies with the Eurasian Custom Union standards
LAUMAS W100 6NMI Trade Approved – Complies with the Australian standards for legal use with third parties

    LAUMAS W100 / W100ANA Weight Controller Manual

Kala Weight System 

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