Load cell KDS 30T

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KDS is high quality analog load cell from AmCells Corp , with new technology for high Quality, Accuracy and Dependability stability.

Unique bridge structure, cup and steel ball mounted; Self-resetting and centering, good side force resistance and shock resistance; Moisture proof sealed, ideal for hostile environment.

Simple to install, easy to use, good interchangeability, suitable for Weighbridge Scales, Tank/Hopper scales.


Load cells AmCells KDS 30t

 Basic device of the up-to-date weight measuring systems is load cells, construction of which is based on resilient mechanical member which is subject to deformation with overlaid on it strain-gauge bridge consisting of resistive-strain sensors connected in different electric networks.
 With effect of external load to sensor as a result of deformation symmetry of measuring bridge is upset and electrical signal proportional to applied effect to sensor is appeared at measuring terminals.
 Load cell AmCells KDS is one of the most popular models of load cells submitting by manufacturer AmCells . It applies for railway and truck scales.
 The present model of load cells possesses advantages such as explosion safety, impact resistance and high accuracy.

 Brands/Trade Mark: AmCells.

Application in truck scales, rail weight scales, Silo scales.

 Type of KDS is Double-Ended Shear-Beam Load Cells.

Black Cable (φ6mm):


Engineering data

Rated load (t)10, 20, 30, 40, 50
Accuracy classС3
Sensitivity2.0 ± 0.005 mV/V
Non-linearity± 0.02% F.S
Hysteresis error± 0.02% F.S
Creep (30min)± 0.02% F.S
TC ZERO± 0.02% F.S/10ºС
TC INTERVAL± 0.02% F.S/10ºС
Input resistance770 ± 10 Ω
Output resistance700 ± 5Ω
Insulation resistance≥5000 mΩ
Operating temperature rated range– 10 ~ + 40ºС
Temperature service range– 30 ~ + 70ºС
Safety load limit150% F.S
Breaking load200% F.S
Excitation rated range10 ~ 12 V DC
Protection classIP68
MaterialAlloyed steel
Stainless steel
Cable Length 8m(10t); 10m (15t)
12m (20-25t)
14m/16m (30t); 16m (40-50t)

Dimensions and Accessories (mm)

KDS 30T (GF-1) Main Dimensions and Accessories
AmCells KDS 30T Main Dimensions and Accessories


KDS 50T (GF-1) Main Dimensions and Accessories
AmCells KDS 50T Main Dimensions and Accessories



Kala Weight System 

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Additional information

Weight16.8 kg
Dimensions40 × 22 × 24 cm
Brands/Trade Mark

, ,

Certification Original C/O


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